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Unlike what a competing website would The Product get if it got the same link as us, but was not inducing traffic. Another type of referred traffic is that of websites that buy links from social networks or streaming pages with invasive Pop-ups (normally clicked involuntarily and where their relevance is not that much because the permanence is very low.) NOTE: The practice is not the most ideal, but if traffic is sent continuously for months it can greatly help the positioning of the website. But… Could you tell me what induced traffic is? The concept of induced traffic in SEO is not very clear.

The practice is not the The Product most ideal but if traffic is sent

So, as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland industry email list would say, I am going to start at the beginning. Do you want to register domains at incredible prices? Don Dominio offers Blogger3.0 readers a 30% discount on .COM (registration and transfer), .NET (registration and transfer) and .ES domains, limited to 2 uses per account and valid until 09/30/2023. You simply have to enter the code BLOGGER3CERO23 in the purchasing process to get it. GO TO DONDOMAIN What is induced traffic? We talk about induced traffic when we refer to traffic.

Google understands the behavior of a browser

That comes from an organic channel, artificially forced, and that we FJ Lists make it behave. In a certain way. Thus, Google understands that the content of the visits is of quality and positions our objective. NOTE: After the last “Helpful Content Update” (Google algorithm update) it has been shown that. The results have been decisive. This is a “Grey Hat” technique , as it is used to experiment with. How Google understands the behavior of a browser/IP. Therefore, it would hurt your board’s bottom line because you are not treating everyone equally. Others think that they do it through. Information on the traffic that circulates through the network.

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