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I’ll give you an example. You have just Insider’s Guide opened a restaurant and during the first week you invite your family and friends to eat, as a bonus and to make yourself known. The place is full and that conveys quality. If people from outside see the restaurant full, the herd effect will make them start coming in to try your products. You know, if a service station has a lot of trucks parked outside, it means good food. In this case, your family is the induced traffic and the future clients considering whether to enter are Google.

Browser from there  Insider's Guide without returning to the SERP

Ask your friends to search for a term category email list on Google, select a certain result and, in addition to entering, they stay browsing the page, scrolling, browsing several more of our URLs , and then close the browser from there without returning to the SERP. It perceives traffic this way. And the thing is, if 100 people search on Google for “best locksmith in Barcelona” and when the results appear they click on “Manolito locksmiths”, Google with that search understands that the best.

Accelerate the increase in visibility

Locksmith in FJ Lists Barcelona is “Manolito locksmiths” and since Google is great and He wants to make things very easy for us, he considers his positioning and uploads it on the results sheet. NOTE: Be careful not to do pogo-sticking! You know, whoever has a friend, has a treasure. Once here I’m going to give you a preview of CTRbox. Its service allows you to accelerate the increase in visibility via improved positions through induced traffic, so that once relevant positions have been achieved, natural traffic arrives sooner and carries out the work of maintaining and improving positions.

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