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Direct Traffic In this case, instead of asking our friends to search on Google, we tell them to go directly to our website. It is not clear that this type of traffic Product Visionaries affects the positioning of a website, since at most it would help increase the overall authority of that website. How can Google know that you are visiting that website if you don’t enter its search engine? Some believe that it relies on the information provided by Analytics, something that, although it is widely used, not all websites use it either.

Information on the Product Visionaries traffic that circulates through

Therefore, it would hurt your board’s top industry data bottom line because you are not treating everyone equally. Others think that they do it through information on the traffic that circulates through the network, via their DNS servers, which are widely used. But, as in the previous case, not 100% of the websites use it. Many others believe that the information is taken from the Chrome browser, such as the loading speed. But the same thing happens, it is not 100% of the websites.

We could use induced traffic to make a series of users

Referred Traffic One of the most important FJ Lists metrics. When it comes to getting a link is to take into account. The traffic trend of the website that refers to us. Google interprets that traffic as one of the signals of domain authority . NOTE: We could use induced traffic to make a series of users browse. The link of a specific blog to our website. Thus, Google interprets that the visitors to that site (which Google already considers authoritative). Are as interested in our website as in the website that gives us the link. This translates into a much higher link juice transfer to our website.

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