What are scopes in Google Analytics and why are they important?


First example, this one is quite common. You want to know . How manyTherefore, sessions have passed through a certain url.Therefore.  Here you are mixing a session metric (total sessions) with a hit scope dimension (page url). Analytics will first identify that there is a session metric and group all the information into sessions, with the information .  Summarized for each session,Therefore, discarding all the hits in the middle. So the only url that will be left in that result will be .  The url where the session started (the url of the first hit of the session). 

How does scope affect the way data is stored?

Listen, truly promised, now comes the most important part of the  .  Post so pay attention and, if you need it, rest a little first. As I told you, Analytics collects raw data and then processes and synthesizes it . This raw data is made up of hits, events and pageviews that we send from our website. From those events or hits, Analytics has to build sessions. But you top industry data also have to synthesize and clean the data, eliminate duplicates or non-relevant information The cleaning and synthesis.  Process is, broadly speaking, as follows.  Therefore, Google Analytics assigns a Client Id to each hit to identify unique users. Each hit is associated with the Client Id 

3 very common errors related to the Google Analytics scope

Throughout the post you have understood the importance o affects the way data is collected, processed and used in Analytics. The most important. Key is that sessions are inferred, not stored, and that scopes form a one-way hierarchy. Isn’t it easy.  Consider that every time you ask for a dimension or . Session metric , such as FJ Lists the number of page views, average session time, source / medium or conversions, the data is first  Therefore, Grouping it by sessions and discarding intermediate hits . When you ask for hit data, such as the url or title of the page. The loading speed or the time of the visit, the data is not grouped that way.

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