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Many new applications and sites are beginning to appear. And each of the players in the real estate network is seeking to adapt to. New modes of consumption and to find a place for itself in this revolution. The customer experience is. Completely redesigned Buyers or tenants. The candidates are all highly coveted by the many real estate players, who must both demonstrate their effectiveness by adapting to new digital practices, thus rethinking the entire customer experience.

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The procedures are now entirely dematerialized, and the procedures simplified for users. Any time-saving solution is useful and even database necessary: ​​everything is available online, from consultation of plans, to legal and financial documents. Quick and efficient consultation, from tablets and smartphones which have now become the best allies of real estate agents and developers. 3D modeling and augmented reality In order to attract both sellers and buyers, real estate players are forced to sharpen their digital tools to make their options more attractive: with 3D modeling associated with augmented reality, it is now possible to draw up a relief map.


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Which can be view from a tablet or smartphone. Thus, by mixing real and augmented, the user can, thanks to his application. Pass his mobile on a plan or an image and directly. Obtain the 3D model of the housing, the district, the FJ Lists building… Thus, the user can easily “travel” in the plan, enter the accommodation to. Visit the interior, get an idea of ​​the exterior and the surrounding neighborhood. A technique increasingly used by developers. Allowing their potential buyers to get an idea of ​​the property, to arrange it to. Their liking, even before the construction is finishe. New sites and applications that are revolutionizing the market.

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