Generate reusable blocks within Oxygen


 I tell you this because having this option is amazing and allows you to quickly design emails thanks to your pre-designed blocks. Dynamic content based on segments or – The tool has very powerful options for personalizing emails, including adding certain content that is visible only to the segments chosen for it. It’s super super super. With this option, you can tailor your messages to different audiences without having to create different emails.

point is dynamic data management

Website designer Yes, yes, you read that correctly. It will allow you to design your own website new data from its interface. Honestly, Im not sure if a lot of people use this option. With or like being there, I do not at least recommend that you lay out your site in a place where you may need to leave and lose everything one day, for example. So this option, while I wouldnt recommend it to you, would like to tell you.

If you know how to take advantage of

 Landing Pages If you do not want to use or other tools such as ( which may cost you a lot of money to ) or itself to create FJ Lists landing pages, you can use the option provided, which allows you to quickly create landing pages pre-designed and fully editable. The landing page form gives you different ways to create forms for your website.

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