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Snapchat-lense-tacobe Budweiser and its Super Bowl game This year for the Super Bowl, the Budweiser beer brand has reinvented the Bud Bowl, a famous commercial broadcast during several Super Bowls starting in 1989. It is in the form of an interactive game available on Snapchat Discover that the Bud Bowl reappeared. The game, which pits the iconic Bud beers against the light versions, consists of advancing the ball by choosing one of the three combinations offered.

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With the aim of making a touchdown. budweiser-bud. Bowl-snapchat GrubHub or the art of using Snapchat If there’s one. Company that takes full advantage of Snapchat’s features, it’s GrubHub, an American home delivery site. The phone number list service, which is mainly aimed at a young clientele, finds in Snapchat the ideal social network for distributing promotional offers, creating commitment and even recruiting new talent. They started in 2014 by launching a SnapHunt. The game invited users to post a specific photo  Food Selfie, Food Bombing, etc.) for a chance to win $50 vouchers. grubhub-story-snapchat Since then, GrubHub has relied heavily on SnapChat.

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Discount cod are distribut in the form of Stories. Even carried FJ Lists out. They have indeed appealed to their community to recruit a trainee mastering Snapchat. Candidates had to showcase all their creativity in a snap. Recruitment-snapchat-grubhub Lacoste. And his game SpotTheCroc For two months. Lacoste posted 5 videos of 10 seconds, visible only 2 times in 24 hours on Snapchat Stories.

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