Content distribution is never an easy task


 While it’s never a good idea to obsess over what your competitors are doing. It’s important to stay close enough to uncover any potentially important disruptors. Competitive positioning is also important for content. As there is always a risk of being outrank in search results. You can gain tremendous insights by examining your competitors’ performance and developing new content marketing strategies. 12. The most successful b2c marketers allocate 40% of their marketing budget to content marketing. While the average is 26% . This statistic shows the increas effort in content marketing that successful companies make.

Using paid content distribution options

 From this data it is clear that content asia email list marketing should be given top priority during any b2c marketing activity with adequate budget allocation and management support. 13. 13. 68% of marketers distribute their content using paid resources . Content distribution is never an easy task. Especially when trying to reach an audience across multiple web and social platforms. The popularity of paid content distribution programs is a clear response to these challenges. In many cases. Using paid content distribution options like sponsor posts on social mia can significantly improve your reach.


Compar to b2b companies

Only 1 in 3 b2c marketers have a document FJ Lists content strategy . Without a proper plan in place content marketing can quickly lose its effectiveness. Some of the best tactics include refocusing content and engaging customers across different platforms. It’s difficult to do this without a comprehensive content marketing strategy that your entire team can understand and support. 15. Compar to b2b companies. B2c content is shar almost 10 times more frequently . This is an incrible statistic that really highlights the trust consumers place in recommendations from other people they know.


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