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 Regardless of whether we are searching as consumers or as industry professionals. In the b2b world. One of the best ways to demonstrate authority is to create content that shares a deep understanding of the topic. 8. 63% of content marketers consider referrals as their primary source of b2b marketing leads . Most marketers can appreciate that loyal customers are among the most valuable assets a brand can have. Referrals are especially useful for b2b companies as these companies often face fierce competition within their niche. Savvy content marketers find innovative ways to engage with their existing customers in order to generate new leads and may even create a formal referral program.


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The 3 most valuable types of content for b2b europe email list companies are articles or blog posts. White papers. And videos . Survey respondents indicat that these 3 types of content were the most effective in moving prospects through the sales funnel. Generating buyers from your initial leads is the ultimate goal of every b2b marketing effort. And it’s helpful to know what types of content are most effective. Always try to adapt your content to the preferences and expectations of your customer base. 10. B2b companies that are successful at content marketing use an average of 5 different formats .


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 In addition to this statistic. This report also FJ Lists highlight that the least successful companies distribut content in four formats. This really highlights the effectiveness of expanding your omnichannel communications plan. Deploying content in even just one additional format can make the difference between the success and failure of your content marketing campaigns. B2c content marketing statistics content marketing statistics: 50 content statistics that will make you a better marketer – b2c content marketing statistics 11. 40% of b2c content marketers don’t do any competitive benchmarking or only do it once a year .


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