They are more likely to share it with others


We are often push to share new content about products and brands we already know or are interest in trying. This high sharing frequency also represents a. They are more real opportunity for content marketers in the b2c space and a great reason to share more content. 16. 82 % of b2c marketers seek to create content that develops customer loyalty . Achieving a high degree of customer loyalty means that your business meets or even exces customer expectations. Your content represents your brand in several ways. And you can certainly build a greater degree of loyalty by releasing engaging material.

When you are planning your content

 If your customers find your content valuable. They are more likely country email list to share it with others and return to your website or other channels for further insights. Blog statistics content marketing statistics: 50 content statistics that will make you a better marketer – blog statistics 17. Creating an effective content strategy has been highlight as the top priority among business bloggers . Blogging is still one of the absolute best ways to connect with people and develop an audience. When you are planning your content strategy it is important to document key information such as your writing schule.


Static pages are an important component

 Target audience and distribution FJ Lists channels. In many ways. Your strategy acts as a roadmap when things get tough and can keep your entire team organiz. 18. Businesses that run a blog receive 55% more traffic and 97% more inbound links from other websites . It’s well known that with great content and proper seo. Blog posts that rank can generate a ton of traffic. Static pages are an important component of any business website. But a blog is where you can really connect with potential customers and business partners.


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