Much of this traffic is direct to blog posts


 These statistics really reinforce the fact that blogs are a real catalyst for driving more traffic to your site. 19. Over 409 million people access 20 billion wordpress pages every month . This statistic conveys a lot of information in a single set of numbers. It is clear that each person visits a certain number of different pages. There is a very high level of overall traffic and wordpress is certainly a leader in the industry. Blogging platform . Much of this traffic is direct to blog posts.


The title of a blog post should be catchy

 And the more pages and posts your website contains the more likely email List those browsing for new content will get notic. 20. Blog posts with titles that contain 6 to 13 words are the most clickable . While this statistic provides a fairly wide range for the optimal number of words in a blog title …it provides some clear boundaries from which to draw your headlines. The title of a blog post should be catchy. And not too long or short so as to be a distraction from similar posts.


This represents an opportunity

 The main point is to stick to post titles that contain a reasonable FJ Lists number of words and focus on messaging. 21. Over 4 million blog posts are written every day . This figure reminds us just how much blog content is creat every day. For most marketers. This represents an opportunity. But it also points to the fact that there is a lot of competition. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to create content that engages readers and is informative so it adds value to someone’s business or life.


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