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Key capabilities for agent supervisors. Smartassist is built with flexibility in mind. Based on individual customer needs and preferences, it can be deployed to augment your existing telephony system with just the modules you need or. Can be deployed as a comprehensive, standalone contact center solution. However, kore.Ai smartassist is the only contact center as-a-service [ccaas] solution in the world that is both ai-native and integrates automation and agent assistance components into. One complete end-to-end solution. However, along with giving customers full. However, deployment flexibility to. Protect their existing investments.

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Actions on the data in the workspace itself thereby helping employees manage all their tasks and calendars and execute enterprise knowledge base search with omnichannel accessibility and bi-directional. Integrations via apis with Finland Business Email List back-office apps. The solution is extensible by adding virtual or process assistants. Or additional search skills built on the kore.Ai experience optimization platform hr assist: a pre-trained. Intelligent virtual assistant.acting as a force multiplier for your hr teams. Hr assist improves messaging platforms such. Employee engagement with purpose-built tasks.

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Teams to focus on business priorities and complex support needs. It assist: automates it support functions with conversational ai. The pre-trained, purpose-built virtual assistant improves employee. Engagement, productivity and satisfaction Fjlists levels. It That solves routine hr questions, assist frees up your support and help desk staff so they can focus on critical tasks by automatingtion solutions enable your enterprise to improve. The speed of business on a glo workflows for high-volume but low-complexity tasks.  teams or slack.

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