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Your domain is now registere and hoste. Now is the time to make it visible to others and set it up. Next, we will install WordPress on your website. Setting up and installing WordPress. When installing WordPress, you have two options to choose from. One option is times faster than the other. WordPress (as well as Joomla and Drupal) can basically be installe with one click . Almost every reliable and popular web hosting service allows you to install WordPress quickly and so-calle. “one-click installation” . If you have chosen to register your domain, then you have this “one-click installation” option! In this case, you must have a ” Standard package ” ordere from For beginners, I definitely recommend vebamajutus “Standard Package.

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It is also Everything is the same at In this example, I am using Web hosting. I use the example of in this post: CREATING A WEBSITE – SIMPLE, FREE, STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL FOR CREATING A WEBSITE . The tutorial is in progress web Latest Mailing Database hosting standard package Now there are two options: you either already have a account or you don’t. If not, you nee to register a user. It’s not difficult and guides you beautifully from point A to point B. Register a user here: create a webhosting account . web hosting account If you have an account, log in to your account.

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If you have ordere the “Standard package”, look in the menu on the left side of the page and find WordPress. has an explanatory FJ Lists text on its page on how to successfully install WordPress on your page. You only nee to fill in a few fields. Most of the time, WordPress installation is the same for all reputable and popular.: wordpress installation free Log in to your accommodation account.

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