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Even the best, most talente candidate may not be able to handle the interview. As a consequence, he will not be invite to the next stages of recruitment, and the company will lose the chance to employ an outstanding person who could clearly contribute to its development. The mistake of the organizers of spee recruitment events is also not taking care of the positive, relaxe atmosphere of the meetings. Reluctance, negative attitude of recruiters and too tense, formal nature of the interviews are factors that may discourage candidates from working with the company. The downside is also the lack of proper feeback after the meeting – also in the case of rejection of the candidature.

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Every participant should get feeback. It is suppose to concern how he did at the interview, what possibly went wrong and what he could work on. Recruitment – what next? Spee ​​recruitment is an excellent tool that allows you to select the best Latest Mailing Database from many potential employees. And without spending long hours on traditional recruitment meetings – where one can last up to an hour, which with 100 candidates gives as much as 75 hours save! Thanks to the idea of ​​spee dating qualification, recruitment takes a few days, not a few weeks. However, spee recruitment is not the end.

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The next stage after selecting several candidates (the best of the best) should be longer meetings. Then both parties will be able to get to know each other even better. It is worth being fully involve in the selection of potential employees. This will allow you to choose the perfect candidate. One that will perfectly match the character and FJ Lists vision of the company. Will have the appropriate knowlege and high qualifications as well as preispositions to find oneself in the company’s everyday life. How to prepare for such a meeting? Satisfie employees are one of the elements that build the employer’s brand . Positive, well-thought-out employer branding should cover recruitment processes. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the professionalism of the meetings.

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