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Decor, service and its training, public relations , regulations and taxes, process optimization and many other aspects. Do you know how to distinguish your business in the HoReCa industry? We can help you. We have been successfully running our own for years. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you At Commplace, you can take advantage of support in the field of branding , marketing strategy or sales. We also gaine our experience by managing our own facility – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy . We are the only PR agency in Poland with its own Training and Catering Center.

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With its own brand of coffee and craft beer. We share the behind the scenes of running this business on our blog. There you can read . what a cross marketing photo session looks like , what product and culinary photography is , and how Latest Mailing Database photographing food affects the brand’s communication strategy . Is it worth taking advantage of gastronomic advice? Setting up a restaurant is a lot of nerves and stress. Imagine if someone who has been through this before can guide you through the reefs in the choppy sea of ​​gastronomy . This is true not only in the beginning.

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If you’re losing momentum and running out of ideas, or clients are starting to leave, it’s always worth seeking advice from a person or team of advisors with more experience. At this point, the question sometimes arises, does gastronomic FJ Lists advice make sense if another restaurateur will want to keep its secrets? Of course, if you seek advice from a direct competitor, you are taking a big risk. However, the person who offers gastronomic consulting services has a goal for you to succee. The best proof may be that the most famous restaurateurs in Poland themselves often use gastronomic advice from more famous colleagues from abroad. Anyway, nothing stands in the way of you buying such consultations yourself from someone from another country.

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