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From what it offers on the web app or desktop app. It is always a juggernaut to crack. Also read: how kora helps you tide over covid-19 crisis kora’s intuitive ui offers a similar user experience. Across the channels, be it mobile. Web, or desktop versions. She provides asynchronous interactions. With this, users can seamlessly switch. Between different channels in the middle of the task. Start scheduling a meeting on the mobile app and continue to the. Web app to complete the action. Kora is an absolute bounty for those who want. To simplify tasks and improve their productivity.

Omni channel 1 voice-enabled

The rise of ai has spawned a deluge of voice-enabled. Assistants that help us in our day-to-day personal tasks. It may be playing a song, adding a grocery list. Making a call, or even controlling home appliances. The popular assistants are hey google. Apple siri, and amazon alexa. All this Uruguay Business Email List is good! But do we have any assistant serving enterprise needs. Kora does that. Our enterprise virtual assistant is voice-enabled so employees can talk to her just like talking to a colleague. Ask here, to set up a meeting, assign a task, set reminders, or invoke enterprise skills to perform the tasks. Users also have the feasibility to set the “Trigger phase” to call the skill.

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Voice-enabled rich – graphic

Plain text or flat designs are boring both. From the visual and usage perspective. It doesn’t entice the user and refrains them from using the tool further. Kora provides a rich-text with numerous elements Fjlists and improves the user experience. While developing a skill, enterprises can leverage kora’s ui form capabilities including dropdowns, tooltips, and separators, and more. Kora supports rich-elements like button, carousel, list, charts, and table. Also read: what makes a chatbots platform. Truly enterprise-class it gives a free hand for the. Enterprise admin to blend-in an interactive design into skills.

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