Employee has a lot less to worry about


Their daily mundane work chores with kora on their side. And instead can look forward to doing something more productive and creative. Also read: 8 creative ways to make your chatbot stand out from the crowd oh, what’s so special about it? Hang on, kora is not just another virtual. Assistant in the market, she’s smart, intelligent, quick. And can be your buddy at the workplace. Kora can assist you with – managing knowledge base searching through enterprise portals interact with enterprise systems scheduling. Meetings managing & assigning tasks all this.

And more, is achieved through

An interactive ui. Ui-chat dance sounds interesting. Of course, why won’t it? A lot of thought and research went into designing the kora interface. Our overriding goal was to provide a “wow” experience to everyone who accesses kora. This was accomplished by blending the ui Suriname Business Email List and chat experiences. The user can easily switch between different modes of communication. Start conversing with the textual commands and quickly shift to ui-based interactions. And further continue with voice commands. The level of flexibility. Provided by kora is unparalleled. Check out the below reference. – ui-chat dance 1 widgets & panels. How about having a work desk with all the necessary.

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Peripherals at your reach don’t you

Think it’s easy-breezy to work. Being your work buddy, kora provides a similar. Experience by bringing all your daily requirements together in the form of widgets and panels. Widgets are the elements that are specific to a particular activity. You can have a widget for applying Fjlists for a day off, a widget for creating a lead on crm, or a widget to raise a service request on the enterprise itsm portal. Panels are a group of widgets that belongs to the same function. Enterprises can build their own widgets & panels as per their requirements. Widgets & panels 1 omnichannel all too. Often ui designers fail to deliver the same. User experience on different channels.

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