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Do you have a personal enterprise knowledge repository. How do you access your enterprise/team knowledge base. Do you need a tool to save/share information. On-the-go while browsing? Are you looking for a convenient way to retrieve knowledge. How about pulling an article based on hashtags? Did you ever collaborate on your knowledge articles with your co-workers? These are some of the questions that I come across very often too. Till date, I did not have any concrete answers to these questions. Why? We, as employees generate. Large volumes of information in an enterprise, every single day. It may be in the form of emails, articles, documents.

Pdfs spreadsheets images and whatnot

We store, share, or retrieve these knowledge items. At different levels – be it personal, team, or enterprise level. The methods/techniques also differ between individuals. Teams, and organizations. Each one of us has our desired way of managing the knowledge. To meet our respective goals. But, the current knowledge management Trinidad and Tobago Business Email List techniques are sub-par. On a typical day, we spend more than 45 minutes creating, sharing, retrieving, or collaborating on the knowledge base. It plays to hinder our productivity significantly. There is a strong need for a single platform that. Leverages new-age technologies to manage our knowledge items. Scientifically and allows us to collaborate efficiently.

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Kora the new-age enterprise

Digital assistant has answers to all my questions. It offers a single interactive interface to manage all your work activities and also to interact with your enterprise. Applications – be it itsm, hrms, crm, erp, etc. It even provides a comprehensive Fjlists knowledge management system that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems including servicenow. Confluence, freshdesk, or any other. Kora knowledge management capability reduces your efforts in managing. The information and increases your productivity by allowing you to organize it systematically. Also read: you deserve better! Can’t hire.

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