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Likewise, he leads the Mater Initiative, an interdisciplinary research center with which ses, products and ancestral culinary knowlge are register to help indigenous communities that still keep this tradition alive. His hard work was highlight by the BBC and his career gain merit as he pass through renown restaurants in the world, such as the Ritz hotel in. Request a More. New York; Astrid y Gastón , in Lima, and Centra l, where she was head chef for more than 10 years, during which time this place was nam Best Restaurant in Latin America three years in a row.

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In 2018 he found the Kjolle restaurant, where he decid to innovate by experimenting with the implementation of Peruvian ingrients, many of them unknown to the local residents themselves. 3. Virgilio Martínez Owner of the Central restaurant, which in 2022 was chosen as the second best in the world and the best in Latin America during The World’s 50 Best Restaurants gala. The 45-year-old chef, like many others b2b leads of his generation, promotes Peruvian gastronomy through the use of local ingrients. In addition, he bases his cooking style on the work of “research and exploration” of different ecosystems in Peru.

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According to the 50 Best Restaurants website, Virgilio Acuña’s dishes “celebrate the unique landscapes, history and traditions of his homeland, using an abundance of local products. ” 4. Mitsuharu Tsumura chef-Mitsuharu-Tsumura Living in Peru and Japan brings FJ Lists him closer to his Peruvian-Japanese roots, which is why in 2009 he found the Maido restaurant, a restaurant that since 2017 has secur a place in the rankings of the best in Latin America. Request a More. For Tsumura, it is “impressive” that in both Peru and Japan there are very similar food products. Which is why. “Nikkei cuisine” can be made inspir by them.

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