The Platform is the only no-code conversational


Ai platform in the market that supports the entire virtual assistant. Development lifecycle – design, build, train, test, and deploy. Storyboard, the built-in tool, lets you design conversational experiences, accommodating non-linear alternate conversational paths and ui elements. Further, the kore.Ai xo platform’s industry-first capability automatically converts conversation prototypes into executable dialog tasks/flows. The two-way synchronization makes it even more exciting by reflecting the node-level changes in the conversation. It allows developers to act on these tasks/flows. To add the business logic and make them operative.

It significantly reduces the time

Effort needed in building a fully-functional virtual assistant that optimizes your customer and employee experiences. Dialog-creation-auto-generate-dialogs_ani-1 let’s explore the next-gen conversation designing tool easy-to-use interface the Denmark Business Email List conversation view of the storyboard lets you build conversations by simply feeding user-bot messages one after the other. Select the appropriate tabs at the bottom of the panel, I.E., user, bot or notes. Mark my words, it is the most simple yet powerful way of designing conversations. Build-scene-design-natural-conversation-flows. Ui-rich templates plain text messages are boring. How many of you say aye.

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A memorable experience to the end-users. The kore.Ai xo platform offers text formatting options – bold, italics, indent and multi-line. Further provides an array of prebuilt templates like buttons, carousels, quick replies, forms and more. Check out Fjlists the comprehensive list here. Predefined-templates-enrich-conversation-experience-1 mimic human conversations the thumb rule while designing conversation is not to sound robotic but be natural. The platform lets you design multi-turn/non-linear conversations by defining different paths or inter-connecting between the paths.


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