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For any business that runs a contact center to handle customer requests, it’s no secret that agent turnover is high. While this makes perfect sense — dealing with unhappy, frustrated customers on a daily basis can be very exhausting — the problem is deeply rooted in agents’ not having right tools or the information during the conversation. Agents aside, the inability of contact centers, now handling a much higher call volume post-pandemic, to deliver prompt and delightful customer experiences is having a much larger impact on business kpis like lower customer satisfaction (csat) and customer loyalty, often measured by nps scores.

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Struggled to provide an effective, self-service yet personalized responses to each customer. While ai technologies are being adopted to alleviate these challenges, success has been limited. About 70-80% enterprises around the globe agree that they not currently getting the best out of ai within their organization’s contact center. Kore.Ai took Netherland Business Email List  these considerations to heart and set forth to resolve these challenges – for customers as well as contact center agents. The mission was straightforward: empower contact center agents with. The right info exactly when needed, delight customers with a personalized response across their preferred channel and.

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Business outcomes or kpis (as I mentioned earlier). And here we are! Kore.Ai is proud to announce the launch of kore.Ai smartassist, the world’s first ai-native end-to-end contact center as-a-service [ccaas] solution. Built on kore.Ai’s industry recognized Fjlists enterprise-class no-code conversational ai platform, smartassist accurately responds to the most sophisticated. Conversations across voice or digital channels, automatically escalating conversations to live agents with real time context assistance to move conversations forward and drive a delightful closure. Smartassist comes integrated.


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