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Although she considers that it is not something easy, she believes that they are “products that get along quite well. ” svg E 5. José del Castillo After studying journalism and business administration, he ventur into gastronomy, specializing in traditional Peruvian cuisine. Together with her mother, Isolina Vargas, he open the La R cebichería in 1981. It would be 20 years before he completely took control of this establishment and in 2009 he open a second establishment. Compared to the. Under the concept of “rescuing the flavors of yesteryear”, in 2015 he open the Isolina restaurant, in honor of his mother.

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The successes did not take long to come and it was award awards such as the Latam 50 Best Restaurants and the title of Best Creole Cuisine Restaurant by the Summum Awards . José del Castillo is also the owner of Las Reyes and Valentín Pollos. In addition, since 2020 he has been president of PUCA (Peruanos Unidos por la Comida y la Alimentación), a non-profit association that raises awareness about the challenges and problems fac by the food sector. If the gastronomic business email list world is what you are passionate about and you imagine yourself running the best restaurants or opening your own chain internationally, UPN offers you the opportunity to study a degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Management , where you will gain knowlge in gastronomic trends and administrative techniques.

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With a global vision. Within the concept of entrepreneurship, it refers to achieving an objective through certain skills and abilities such as creativity, innovation and, above all, the attitude to execute what is plann and flexibility to change. So FJ Lists what is the impact of peruvian entrepreneurship on a global level? It is known that peru has an important participation in the sense of having a citizen profile that tends to carry out business and commerce. Compared to the. However, the challenge in this regard is to apply strategies that are suitable for consolidating the chosen venture.

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