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Therefore, it is important to carry out market research, delegate functions, be clear about the mission and vision of the company; as well as having a clear budget and temporary training at all levels. In this sense, the impact of Peruvian entrepreneurship on international business is ascending, because it would reach the level of leading; above all, exports, especially in the agroindustrial and superfoods sector . In addition, it would crucially obtain the dynamism of SMEs to professionalize their business objectives, directing internationalization as the main strategy to increase their profitability and have a business panorama at the level of clients, processes and the market, in a broader way.

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What is the best strategy to continue with an optimistic path of Peruvian entrepreneurship in international business? Without a doubt, quite apart from the reasons bas on professionalization and management, it is important to focus more emphasis on non-traditional products; that is, characteriz by having greater add value. Given this, it is proven that these are more business lead competitive products compar to the traditional product and therefore have greater demand, acceptance and satisfaction among customers because they are more useful in the first instance. To cite an example, in the export of asparagus packag in syrup, the customer today values ​​a ready-to-eat product much more than before, in order to save time and thus be more practical.

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This means that the exemplifi product contemplates a higher price value in the market; In this way, it generates greater profitability and surplus for the company. A pending task Within the aforemention framework, it is key to generate opportunities in which the entrepreneur FJ Lists can obtain an adequate level of knowlge to expand his business vision and have crit accessibility that allows the expansion of the factory to crystallize. Likewise, being able to assume a greater investment in raw materials, be award new regulations regarding quality standards and income permits request by a more competitive market compar to the market in which it usually operates.

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