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Customization, multi-channel integrations and comprehensive analytics. Analytics seamless, multi-channel integrations bankassist is available across all channels — web, mobile, ivr, sms, social media and live agents. Banking customers can start conversations in one channel and complete them in a different channel without losing context. Having one assistant ensures a seamless. Consistent experience across all channels thereby reducing maintenance. And increased customer satisfaction. Built on an industry leading caip platform built and. Extendable on kore.Ai’s “No-code. Experience automation platform with superior nlp capabilities. Bankassist understands every word the.

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Actionwhether it’s call routing or automation, within the cost-effective confines of the existing ivr, or combined with other kore.Ai products, bankassist gives banks one solution to replace ivr, live-chat software and call center agent desktops. Are you in new york at finovatefall2021? Come talk to us and get a demo of bankassist or book here.With Germany Business Email List business data at the center of. All collaboration and conversational activity, workplace experience optimizabal scale.The new api to synchronize the faq status from your content management systems. Know more feature enhancements.

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New version of the apis (version 2.0) with standardized request and response formats. This release includes a web client for the webhook channel. The voice channel’s error flows are standardized. To invoke the call termination handler. The virtual assistant definition files now support version compatibility checks to prevent imports Fjlists in non-compatible application versions. These checks are applicable only for the on-premises installations with different application versions in different environments. Slovenian is supported as a standard language now. Learn more about release v9.1 here. If you are looking for a unified solution to design.


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