While the world in 2021 was still reeling


Recovering from covid-19, enterprises of all sizes across the globe continued to look for solutions to address challenges keeping their customers, employees and contact centers happy and content. With voice calls and digital interactions (like messaging/chat, whatsapp, etc.) spiraling out of control, the need to pay attention to customer experiences (cx), employee experiences (ex) and contact center agent experience (ax) were at the top of the cxo agenda. We at kore.Ai were at the forefront of listening closely. To these challenges as they related to specific use cases that our customers.

Result in these extraordinary business

Partners and prospects were trying to address to ultimately meet their overall business goals. Not surprisingly, the majority of these business kpis included – topline growth (through upsell and cross-sell) overall customer satisfaction (csat) customer Lithuania Business Email List loyalty and retention (nps) reduction in operating costs while improving cx, ex and ax. Kore.Ai’s leadership team brainstormed effective solutions to these challenges in light of its strengths and core competencies. We concluded that “Delivering extraordinary experiences for customers, employees, and agents across voice and digital channels using ai-native automation and augmentation .

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Outcomes that enterprises are looking

For we called it ‘experience optimization’ or ‘xo’! End-to-end automation at the heart of such innovative ai-native automation lies an enterprise conversational ai platform (ecaip). Further extending its leadership in the enterprise caip space, kore.Ai  Fjlists introduced version 9.0 of its experience optimization platform. This release extended the platform’s no-code and conversational ai capabilities to automate front and back-office conversational experiences.  However, A new feature, the conversation builder, now automatically transforms “Natural, non-linear conversations into executable dialog flows.” this fosters collaboration between business and technology teams by.


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