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use cases supporting 25+ languages. advanced analytics and unlimited customization capabilities that can be performed by non-technical business teams. Know-your-Customer And it isn’t just the customer experience or agent experience we think about. We also like to know how happy are employees in general, either collaborating remotely (which has also rocketed since the pandemic) or calling in to ask about their health benefits or submit an IT support ticket. Function-Specific Solutions Subsequently, we announced the world’s most comprehensive suite. of AI experience optimization solutions for workplace collaboration and productivity at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in October.

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AI-first unified digital workspace for the modern workplace, along with HR Assist and IT Assist, AI-first employee support-as-a-service conversational AI-based solutions for HR and IT Service Management (ITSM) respectively. WorkAssist provides a no-code application development framework to create digital applications and instantiate them Cyprus Business Email List in collaboration-based workspaces. These applications come with an integration framework, integrations to various external systems and the ability to add automation to the applications. WorkAssist also includes “Kora – an enterprise conversational. AI-based assistant to enable employees to schedule meetings. Help our banking customers with pre-built.

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execute tasks conversationally”. While we were busy making these product announcements, we were busy on a few other fronts as well. Just before Thanksgiving, we announced an extension to our Series C funding round with participation from Fjlists NVIDIA along with a strategic collaboration agreement on accelerating innovation in the deployment. of conversational AI-based platforms and solutions for enterprises. Recognitions Finally, got its fair share of analyst recognitions in 2021. In June, Gartner recognized as among the top key CAIP providers on the planet. Other global analyst firms like IDC, The Everest Group and ISG recognized as Help our banking customers with pre-built.


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