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Dependency on wifi and bluetooth, thus ensuring the. Devices connected together give a faster response. Ai in 5g technology will identify the patterns in the data and can alert the user if anything feels amiss. Effective use of lighting and hvac systems will also reduce the electricity consumption, thereby reducing the expenses for consumers. 3. Autonomous and. Smart cars as per gartner, by 2023 the automotive industry will be the largest market opportunity(53%) for 5g iot solutions. Smart cars are similar to mobile iot devices having sensors and the power of edge computing. It enables the data to be processed within the car itself without depending on the internet.

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Standard 3gpp technology to send and receive. Signals from a vehicle to other vehicles, devices, or traffic lights. This technology can be optimally used with 5g mobile cellular connectivity. Using 5g, customers can thus access the driving pattern, vehicle activity, performance of the engine, and infotainment system using the power Grenada Business Email List of 5g and edge computing. As europe is known for its specialization in automobiles. The emergence of 5g technology. Will revolutionize the usage of cars with 5g technology. Due to low latency, the self- driven cars can be made more. Impulsive and the data computed within the car will foster its driving capabilities with time.

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Able to experience an enhanced driving experience both with and without a driver. 4. Healthcare industry covid-19 has revolutionized the operations of the healthcare industry. The pandemic has proved to create a surge in patient care Fjlists services. People prefer to get appointments online, have remote monitoring from home and prescriptions via video call, rather than visiting the hospital. . 5g will revolutionize the healthcare industry in europe by easing the mode of communication. And operation between patients and doctors, saving up efforts and costs for patients. They will be able to see the doctors with just a click of the button.


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