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Data generated and use the power of ai to improve over time. The european commission had taken an initiative–european innovative partnership on. Smart cities and communities (eip- scc)–to connect the cities, healthcare sector, industries. However, Banks, small businesses and others. Several european cities found mention in the smart cities rankings produced by eden strategy institute. While london was 1st, helsinki, barcelona, vienna. Amsterdam. Stockholm were among th. Top 15 out of the 50 ranked, copenhagen, berlin, lyon. Dublin. And paris were in the list too.

Technology will facilitate

Seamless experience for the. Europeans as most of their requirements shall be automatically resolved. Or will be resolved by simply conversing with the smart virtual assistants. 2. Smart homes it is not too far that every european will have his parking lights turned on automatically as soon as the owner approaches Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Business Email List the parking area. However, People get cooked pizza in the microwave as they enter their home, get their morning emails read to them by. However, Their personal virtual assistant soon after. They wake up or get notified  person enters the house. However, Also read: how chatbots are positively. Impacting healthcare sector.

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With the world moving towards

Sustainable energy connected devices, efficient lightings. Intelligent heating ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) systems,reduced carbon emissions etc. Smart homes seem to be the next big thing for every european. However, As per Fjlists statista, the revenue in the smart home sector in europe is expected to show an annual growth rate (cagr 2020-2025) of 15.0%, resulting in a projected market. Volume of us $40,648 mn by 2025. 5g-deployment-in-europe-smart-homes. This calls for a high demand for hyper connected devices. To achieve seamless experience. High speed and low.


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