Whatsapp Business, a New Marketing Tool for Companies


 Whatsapp business. A new marketing tool for companies! Business. Enterprise. Local whatsapp business improves business communication you will surely know whatsapp messenger. The most use instant messaging service in the world by people! Do you know that the same company has create a similar platform. Intende exclusively for businesses. In fact. About a week ago. Whatsapp business also arrive in italy . The new app designe to facilitate the relationship between customers and companies! The news. Awaite for several months. Was announce by whatsapp last january 18th. 

What is it and where can I find Whatsapp Business

With a press release publishe on the official blog! Here. The company purchase in 2014 by facebook explaine how the new platform was designe to improve the new data experience of people. Of whatsapp users. Who number 1.3 billion worldwide! Whatsapp business. In fact. Aims to encourage and simplify communication between people and companies of interest to them! It is obviously understood that the app is not only an advantage for people. But is also a very useful tool for brands. Who will find in the app valid help to shorten distances with people and organize targete digital marketing campaigns. Which are base on fast and direct messages!

Are Whatsapp Business and Messenger a single app

What is it and where can I find whatsapp business. As you may have understood. It is an app . Which can be downloade for FJ Lists free from the google play store . The app is currently only available for android devices. It also has a web version for sending and receiving messages from computers and is available in 5 countries: over to italy. The usa. Great britain. Mexico. Indonesia. An expansion of the number of countries in which to use the platform is expecte soon and the ios version is also expecte! Saying that whatsapp business is an app for android. Currently available in a few countries. 

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