This may seem a bit roundabout


This may seem a bit roundabout. But ultimately the search engines want to content you with your audience. So this is the best approach to pleasing both your audience and the search engines themselves. Many people make the mistake with seo of leaving out the audience piece of the puzzle. But this isn’t the best approach.
Put thought into your static content

The first tier of content to consider are the static

The first tier of content to consider are the static pages on the website. These new data  provide the foundation for your business. And they also create an anchor for the rest of your digital marketing going forward. The copy on these pages nes to be tight. And you should also spend time considering the seo for these pages through thoughtful keyword optimization and writing unique title tags and meta descriptions.

A note on keyword research

A note on keyword research. Though. Is to make sure not to overdo it. Keywords should be relevant. And it is far better to not even think about them when writing the copy. Chances are that you will automatically work in relevant keywords as you are writing. Anyway.
Develop a content schule to keep things fresh
The second tier of content FJ Lists that you will create has to do with your ongoing content schule. These should be helpful pieces of content design to help your audience learn about your industry.

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