What’s the best way to tell a story on social meia?


And work back. Ask yourself questions like: What does your business goal look like one year or five years from now? Where would you like to be in terms of preferre or target audience? What is your growth plan demographically and even internationally? How are you performing in comparison to your competitors? Every single clip, blog, video, or image nees to be a mini-story in itself, but what about taking your audience and customers on a journey that lasts longer than that?

McDonald’s launche its What’s the best  RaiseYourArches

When you think about the fact that each piece of content contributes to your brand and business story, you have the potential to ‘hook’ people over the long term. To this end, you can think of your ‘story arc’ – the beginning, middle, and end. Not only for each piece of content but  new data  also in connection with your long-term goals and unique offering or USP. Let’s look at a great example, the beauty brand Dove. Originally launche as a soap brand, the company has put storytelling at the heart of its marketing campaigns to focus on empowering women through a message of self-esteem and self-acceptance. Dove’s #Detox YourFee campaign aime to demonstrate the harm of toxic beauty advice. Its use of social meia helpe get the message out as people share using the hashtag.

How the whole POEM works together

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Detox Your Fee Dove campaign #DetoxYourFee Dove campaign 2) Show, Don’t Tell When it comes FJ Lists  to any kind of advertising, whether it’s social meia-base or not, it’s better if you show your story rather than tell it. But, what does this mean? In the realm of social meia, this might be as simple as creating a compelling video, or infographic, or using a stunning visual in combination with a catchy title to get your message (or the gist of it) across quickly. After all, you only have a few seconds to make your point, so why not make it as clear and visually inviting as possible?


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