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For a say entrepreneur, a glance at a business idea is enough to see that the costs involve are too high or that the customer acquisition channels are too limite and uncertain. A person who does not have experience or the right distance will only see the problem when they take Osterwalder’s business model in their hands. Therefore, the model can be easily applie without knowlege of business techniques. It is useful both when a strategy and marketing audit of an already existing business is being develope, and as part of work on the concept of a start-up.

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The Osterwalder model and the traditional business plan The Osterwalder model could be an element of classes not only in business schools, but also in elementary eucation in entrepreneurship. The downside of traditional business plans is that they are database not adapte to the capabilities of people who are visual learners and prefer to express themselves in writing only in slogans. Taking the supplemente Osterwalder business model in their hands, they see “in black and white” what the problem is at first glance you can see that there is much more data in one place than in others.


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Meanwhile, traditional business plans require literary skills. The lack of a transparent form often prevents not only the originators, but also potential investors from getting through them. As a result, they can discourage FJ Lists entrepreneurship. For now, you have to accept the fact that many programs or scholarships are base on such long applications, which consist of many rubrics and detaile questions. For personal use, however, it is worth using the Osterwalder business model. We recommend B2B marketing – what is it? How to implement Osterwalder’s business model? Osterwalder’s business model at first seems extremely complicate and difficult to implement.

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