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A complementary product is a broad concept that allows you to increase the value of the basket by up to with every purchase. Strict rules apply here, some of which you will learn later in this article. Complementary product – definition As the definition explains, a complementary product is one that complements an item already adde to the basket. Maybe he: offer additional features, complete the set, be similar be an accessory to a thing. It may seem that such additions are not important from the point of view of the store’s revenue. It’s not true! They are great sales support.

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Amazon reports that cross-selling is responsible for 35 percent. sales on this platform. The same is true of all other large stores. It is also worth remembering that often the mere possibility of buying the missing accessories or supplementing phone number list the set makes customers choose a larger store instead of a smaller one. Even if the latter offers better products in their opinion. This shows the strength of each complementary product offere in the store. Therefore, marketing strategies willingly include this type of activity. We recommend Sampling action – make customers want more Examples of popular complementary products.

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A complementary product and its value for marketing is a concept that is particularly well known in the gastronomic world. Fast-food restaurants have achieve mastery in this, with the classic question: how about fries with it? – and its numerous FJ Lists variants. In this way, a customer who only plans to eat a hamburger leaves the premises with fries, sauce and a drink. This strategy is also well use by stores where the checkout often has products complementary to those that the customer may already have in the basket. In the case of clothing boutiques, these are often socks, and in interior design stores – hangers, boxes or other small accessories that will definitely come in handy when decorating your home.

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