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In the last three to four months the world has. Seen so much change that people are adapting to new ways of living. Working remotely has become. The new normal, forcing people to look for solutions that enable them to get work done from their homes with the same efficiency and accuracy. Virtual assistants have been found to be exceptionally useful in this regard. Empowering employees to perform tasks or access information easily and quickly. Kore.Ai has been at the helm of providing a. Platform that enables development of. Impeccable virtual assistants in the conversational ai and digital.

Ux space – the kind of solutions

That can cater to complex human queries. And perform actions as and when required. With every release, the kore.Ai virtual assistant platform strives. To bring something better than before and continues its legacy of spearheading innovation in the intelligent virtual assistant Iraq Business Email List market space. Version 7.3 of the kore.Ai virtual assistant platform focuses on helping users. And developers build virtual assistants (bots) with the right blend of conversational and digital experience. Here is the list of key features and enhancements in the release. Ui forms the introduction of user interface (ui) forms.

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Aims to improve the digital user

Experience of virtual assistants built on the kore.Ai platform. While querying a bot, users are required to provide information such as name. Address. Personal details, customer issues, and more. Instead Fjlists of providing these details through multiple chat volleys. Which hampers user engagement and disrupts the flow of the conversation, ui forms allow users to key-in information at one-go with minimal efforts. It brings the ability to capture user details. Through a single interface that has a list of input fields. One can design virtually any form specific to a business need.


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