What is Periscope and how does it work


periscope work, What is Periscope and what is it for? periscope is an online tool for streaming broadcasts (or live video) that was created by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour in 2015 and is currently owned by Twitter. This Smartphone application allows its users to broadcast live the video that is captured by the camera of a mobile phone. So that it can be viewed by their followers on this platform and on their Twitter profiles. This App has been one of the precursors. After its release, other social networks also opted for live video.

History of Periscope

How to use this Streaming email database application? To better answer the previous question. I wanted to feature in this guest post a specialist in this platform like Borja Girón. He is going to explain to us in very detail in this tutorial how we can make the most of this streaming social network. And he will also share with us 3 video tutorials about its use and configuration. So, I hope that, like me, this post will help you from now on to be much clearer about how to use Periscope and integrate it into your entire content strategy in a more decisive way.

Advantages and disadvantages

How does Periscope work and how FJ Lists to use live video to reach thousands of people? Standing out from the competition and getting ahead of the millions of quality blogs in the world is complicated. It’s searching for anything on Google and realizing that there are answers for almost everything. It is difficult to find a topic that has not been talked about yet. And that is why today we will talk about how Periscope works . The key is to take advantage of the continuous new trends . Apps or technologies that emerge practically daily.

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