What to do if your competition offers more benefits and to make matters worse is cheaper? It’s not the best scenario, but it happens. Clearly, it is easier to confront low-priced competitors when you have obvious arguments to support your higher price. But when you have those competitors that really offer a robust solution and are also cheaper (which in addition to economies of scale and squeezing their suppliers, who knows how they achieve it), things get complicated. How do you justify to the customer that you cost more but offer less? May the force be with you. But don’t worry, the only thing in life that has no solution is death. Before panicking, Are you verify that they really are a better option, because paper can do everything. And if they offer more things, are they really benefits?

What to do if your competition offers more benefits and to make matters worse is cheaper?

Things that the customer cares about? Let’s assume that yes, it is indeed a super powerful competitor, offering great benefits at a very competitive price. Preservation of the species in three steps step one , check your value proposition to see if there is anything you are missing to communicate. When it comes to justifying the price, every argument adds up. It may be that you are leaving some gems of arguments unexposed and the client does not Gambling Email List recognize them. Step two , if after searching your guts you don’t find anything you can get your hands on, you have to increase your perception of value. That is, customers perceive that they receive more in return than they pay. Add things that don’t cost you much but make people faint with happiness. The importance of price will gradually decrease.

Preservation of the species in three steps

Are you Step three , the least desirable of the scenarios. Reduce prices so that they correspond to what you deliver. If you have to swallow this toad, know that there are ways to do it with dignity. For example, create a “basic” version that costs less, where the customer does not receive much less, just to close the gap between the old price and the new one. This FJ Lists will make your new light option much more attractive because it is cheaper, but the customer stops receiving one or another not so relevant benefit. In other words, the cheapest is the best deal. The bottom line is to remind the customer of all its benefits, everything that goes in the “combo” every time they buy from you. Let the client always understand that whatever price he is paying, it is a very good deal for the amount of wonderful benefits he is receiving.