Make advertising, Instagram Ads is the tool that allows you to advertise on this image platform. These ads are available to anyone who has a business account and can be created directly from the mobile application itself or thanks to the Facebook Business Manager platform . The promotional formats and the possibilities that they already offer are very interesting due to their particularities related to the type of content and the very nature or philosophy of this network. These aspects. Added to the fact that this functionality has not been open for all types of brands for a short time, mean that perhaps the lack of knowledge about how their ads work is still quite high.

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For all this, today I once again have Fernando Cebolla, a true expert, as he already showed us in this other post . I leave you now with this guide that he has written top people data for us so that you can launch your own advertising campaigns on Instagram. Do you know how to make good advertising ads on Instagram Ads? !Is a reality! If you already know what Instagram is , you will know that it is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. This year it already exceeded 1 billion users, the majority of whom use the application every day. A growth that attracts users but also companies, which want to place their brands in this large potential market.

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You may be interested in: How to create a more FJ Lists professional Instagram account? Why should I use it? Because this one has several aspects that characterize it:  It is ideal for branding Your personal or company brand, with the appropriate actions, will make a mark on a very interesting target audience .  You make Community In the broad sense of the word. It is one of the main differences, compared to other social media. Marketing and advertising on Instagram allows you not only to gain followers, but also to create a “Community”, which often has its transfer beyond.








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