Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service


Report records that 61% are willing to stop transacting. With a business after a poor service experience. Naming and shaming has also become much easier. And a single bad customer experience can quickly turn into a marketing disaster. As such, clients are less tolerant of long waiting times. This is even less so with the digitally. Native generations who are increasingly stepping into the picture. Demanding swift communication and on the channels they prefer. Also read: virtual assistants in ivrs. How they pacify angry customers. And improve customer satisfaction.

This trend has forced companies

Favor customer experience, and ai plays a key role. In engaging with users on multiple channels. Tracking the conversation everywhere and keeping agents up to date so they can hit the ground running when they enter the conversation loop. 3. The new normal this is the trend Bangladesh Business Email List that makes 2020 special. We started the year under the shadow of the pandemic. Which forced. Businesses to either shut down or switch to remote working. While call centers also had to reduce their staff. Their operations were too vital to halt—we even witnessed a 30-40% increase. In customer calls which fell on the remaining agents.

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Inevitably this has pushed

Companies to look for alternatives, and the best. One proved to be ai assistants. The trends ai was already expected to take care of 20% of service requests by 2022, and the market share to reach $2.8 billion by 2024. This year, most of the traction. We have seen has come from healthcare Fjlists services, with a 57% increase in virtual assistant usage. Next up are banking and financial services with a 33% increase. The retail and insurance industries have seen. A moderate increase of 16%-18%. On the other hand, for industries like telecom. Airlines, travel, media and entertainment.


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