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As an executive spearheading a global bank or as the. One leading customer services for a telecommunications. Major have you witnessed such sudden spikes in call volumes and the associated costs thereof in your career as much you have in the recent past? Really, covid-19 has put your business into a tailspin. Next time, it need not be a pandemic. Of this scale; it could be an external shock of any kind that would give you a sense of deja vu. Obviously, you do not wish a debilitating experience of customer service, helplines. And contact centers going haywire.

With higher-than-normal volumes

Of incoming calls and chats, and pressure piling on. Your support staff and systems with serious consequences for your business. Welcome to the world of new normal, where surviving and thriving Macau Business Email List really demands bold thinking and imaginative solutions built on the power of ai-backed digital solutions. Take the case of the banking industry. Which is grappling with an existential crisis as day-to-day operations get crippled due to lockdowns, workforce, and vendor issues, and yet it’s supposed. To bail out customers in this hour of need. Banks, in addition to addressing their organizational challenges.

B2B Email List

Have a bigger problem of managing

Customer experience. Given the rapidly increasing call volumes related to small business loans, personal loans, deferring a loan, and more. Also read: deliver great customer service and reduce burden Fjlists on agents in a single-shot with smartassist.Ai the pandemic has had a strong impact on customers – bewilderment, anxiety, panic, fear of uncertainty. Insecurities about jobs, retirement benefits and investments, and loan repayment commitments. Among others. Constant misinformation being shared on various social platforms has triggered customer panic.

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