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More minutes before a customer service. Agent finally walks him through the details. Is it a desirable situation. Now consider this alternate scenario. Leo is having trouble checking his account transactions. He navigates to the contact us page of the bank and easily finds the toll-free customer support phone number. He is presented with a prerecorded voice menu and after navigating the menu verbally, leo gets a message via sms to chat with a text-based virtual assistant. Fill out a digital form, and talk to a live agent. If a human agent isn’t available. He gets an email or sms the moment one is free.

Now that’s true customer service

Success! How smartassist delivers superior customer experience 1. Quicker call resolutions with self-service according to forrester, “customers increasingly use self-service as the first point of contact with customer service organizations”. Rather than waiting in line endlessly. Customers are preferring self-service to get started. Smartassist provides a East Timor Business Email List seamless self-service experience by bridging the gap between voice and digital support channels – be it forms, sms, chat, or email. Powered by ai, smartassist intelligently helps your customers get. A response faster. Streamlining, and speeding up agent response times.

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Reduced ivr costs legacy ivr

Systems have structural limitations that make. Them less prone to implement changes. Often it’s time-consuming and expensive to. Restructure them for digital customer service. Smartassist offers Fjlists an easy way out: it supports integration using sip domain transfer or calls. Transfer to another phone number. What about enterprises that don’t have an ivr. Then there is nothing to worry as they can set smartassist as conversational ivr. The user-friendly dashboard of smartassist is easily customizable. You can get setting-up and begin deflecting calls within just a few hours. And get to enjoy the solution’s all other valuable features and benefits.


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