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Fusion of voice text & digital self-serve channels is. Driving customer service excellence within financial services firms 3. Support agents are always there to fall back on for complex tasks suppose the callers can’t self-service their issue using the optional voice virtual agent, enterprises can send them a message via sms with various options. The options include a link allowing them to chat with a text-based virtual agent, the ability to fill out a digital form, or an option to engage with a live human or asynchronous chat. If a human agent isn’t available. Callers can get an email or sms the moment one is free. How smartassist. Helps enterprises scale and improve efficiency.

Capture customer requests easily

Through conversation and digital forms. Smartassist provides built-in support for capturing customer requests through both. Virtual agent interactions and rich digital forms. Allowing enterprises to quickly collect needed information before handing off to your back office, live chat, or messaging agents. 2. Scale and manage call deflection based on Hong Kong Business Email List business rules every second counts when it comes to managing call volumes and customer happiness. Smartassist allows all or a percentage of calls to be deflected to virtual agents and digital channels for live or asynchronous support based on predefined business rules like current hold times or type of caller for example.

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Premium customers auto-redirected

Live agent as against non-premium customers redirected to a virtual agent). 3. A cloud-based complete solution for managing deflections smartassist can receive voice calls from any ivr system Fjlists or direct calling and fulfills them using a combination of automated. Conversations and digital forms using voice and digital channels. Also read: how digital assistance can resolve agent interaction challenges overall, digital automation and deflection for. Customer support can deliver upto: first. Call resolution in contact center clearly. Reduced wait times, faster resolution and real-time.

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