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Technologies like ai and automation are. The backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. They aim to augment our professional lives not just by improving productivity but also by providing a better user experience in the man-machine interaction. Enterprises have realized the importance of conversational ai and that it will soon become a part of a consumer’s life. The growth of the conversational ai market is promising and hence many players are foraying into this space. Gartner estimates about 2,400+ vendors in the conversational ai space. This has made the market overcrowded. In such a scenario it becomes very important for organizations.

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That are in line with their vision and enterprise requirements. Kore.Ai has been leading the conversational ai space for many years now. Renowned analysts such as gartner, forrester, isg, everest group, dmg consulting, and many others Honduras Business Email List have recognized kore.Ai platform as the world’s top virtual assistant platforms. With every release, kore.Ai has delighted its customers with new features and enhancement and we continue the legacy of providing enriched user experience in this version as well version 8.0 of kore.Ai virtual assistant platform comes. With a package of new features, enhancements, and a few bug fixes. The blog is intended for business users, tech enthusiasts.

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Learn the advancements in the bot platform. And how it can uplift the current user- bot interactions. Here is the roster of key features and enhancements for this release:- containment metrics one of the key concerns of organizations. While deploying Fjlists the vas is to justify the return on investment (roi). They remain skeptical about the performance of the bots and more importantly they are keen to gauge the effectiveness of conversational ai projects. This issue has been further taken care of in this release. Kore.Ai platform now provides an out-of-the-box. Feature called containment metrics for an in-depth analysis of customer engagement.


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