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And worse, it shows the advertisement without asking if you want to see it and without understanding whether you are the right person for that product. Inbound reverses this logic. He first addresses your problems, your pains. It involves you in communication, makes you understand your situation and only then talks about the product, the solution. And how does this dialogue begin? With content. Hence the discipline of content marketing was born. Produce texts, images, videos . Everything focus on customer pain. Focus on ucating, nurturing and qualifying potential consumers to buy something. And then, as you probably already know, agencies, startups and companies focus on marketing soon enter this vein, and began to massify content production.

Why invest in content marketing

In Brazil, this was l by companies like Rock Content , who did a great job in ucating the market on the importance of this strategy. Why invest in content marketing? Why invest in content marketing Conceptually, it all makes a lot of sense. But then we enter the business environment. After all, the businessman, whether Brazilian or not, wants money. Want results. And, invariably, in this type of context, he will ask himself: “so instead of promoting my product, I ne to create content for my client? But I want to sell to him, not ucate him!” Okay, but then comes the time to remember the following information: 90% of people are out at the time of purchase. In other words, almost everyone who can buy from you doesn’t care about your product. But they are  special data  potential customers. And they have pains that your product can solve. So how to attract this group? Making content orient towards pain and not towards solutions.

he will notice your interest in

 In other words, how will this investment work? your company will produce this content focus on the customer’s pain; the customer will find the content; he will notice your interest in helping; he will understand the pain; after understanding, she will realize that your company has the solution; and she becomes a potential client. Naturally, the process is not that simple. Often, the potential consumer will ne to read several of your content (the qualification funnel is longer ). And sometimes he will also realize that his solution is not what is being sought. But in most cases, the scenario will be positive. Still in doubt? So think about the following: how many FJ Lists  people search for: how to sleep better (a pain); and how many people search for: clonezepam (a solution). So it is. The audience for the first search is much larger.

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