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In the case of an e-store, try to highlight the features of your product that differentiate your product from that of your competitors. Why is it good to buy from your online store? For example: your online store offers free returns money back guarantee, delivery within 1 day bonus system Tell a story a well-told story can be the only reason a customer buys your product. For example, Iglucraft tells its own story very well . Is your online store set up to collect customer emails through a value proposition or an automate customer program? Various studies show that email marketing is still one of the most profitable and effective marketing options.

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Through email marketing, you can create personal offers, remind the customer when a campaign is coming, advertise new products, notify when something changes in the e-store, deliver important announcements, etc. Contact us and so that you database can create a foundation for growing your customer base through e-mail marketing. Setting up a modern and functional e-shop sales platform (behavioral automation). Nowadays, there are already significantly better systems that help to perform very important tasks without being notice. Such platforms/systems monitor the customer’s behavior from.


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Entering the e-store until the purchase, and beyond (not directly, but when the customer is in the e-store) and automate most processes, for example: Asking for feeback from the client birthday reminders campaign creations joining the list sending out FJ Lists welcome letters forgotten shopping cart etc. Our own favorite for this is Klaviyo . a whole long article to praise Klaviyo, but it is best to read it on their own website . In 2022, Klaviyo’s customers generate an increible €14 billion in revenue thanks to the power of behavioral automation.

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