This significant improvements are made


In the fallback bots within the linked bots. With these additions, universal bot 2.0 is more robust in addressing the diverse enterprises’ needs. Knowledge extraction creating bots from long semi-structured documents is no more a tedious task. The new version of the platform comes with a built-in annotation tool that can extract data from pdf documents of various formats. The users have to just annotate a few portions of the documents. Using the ml model the annotation tool can. Intelligently learn and ingest the relevant information from the semi-structured documents.

With this smart knowledge extraction

Process in place, enterprises can plan to develop bots with a large no. Of faqs with minimal efforts. Annotation tool 1 (1) annotation tool for faq extraction. Process for semi-structured documents in version 8.0 this feature addition enables the developers to build q&a type of bots using unorganized pdf documents. User analytics many times Panama Business Email List it becomes difficult for business analysts to devise the right inference from the conversations. This might be because they are not aware of the previous conversations or they do not have full information about the customers. They thus draw half-baked conclusions because of the limited information.

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The advanced user analytics feature

Now allows the platform users to view all the information about a conversation in a single interface information such as. Conversation channels used, custom meta tags. Intent detection rate, goal completion rate, the flow of the conversation, and many more can be analyzed now in the chat history. Usr analytics (1) advanced user Fjlists analytics of kore.Ai platform version 8.0 the feature thus enables analysts and business users to perform. A better analysis of the conversation and decipher the root cause of drop-offs/agent transfers performed during the conversation. Other major additions and enhancements skype for business on-premises and audiocodes.


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