How to Reduce Talent Loss in Companies and Why It is So Important


Turnover is not only a Human Resources indicator, but also. How to Valuable information for a company’s managers to ensure the innovative potential of their business. An explosion of indicators has enveloped companies in recent years, and what were hidden. And deep-rooted problems in business could suddenly be quantified and openly combated, such as turnover for example. Perhaps, due to the traces of the industrial revolution, the replacement of one. Employee by another was treated as something routine and of little relevance.

How to Turnover or Rotation Rate

Turnover is the proportionality between the email leads dismissal of employees and new hires in a given period. For management purposes, the fiscal year is generally used to measure labor turnover, another accepted way to define turnover. However, as is well known, there are several reasons why an employee should be disconnected from a company’s human resources cadre, from the manager’s initiative to the employee’s retirement. At first glance, it is easy to conclude that any turnover is bad for the company. After all, it adds up to a bad statistic for your human resource management performance. But it’s not like that.

What Are the Impacts of This Phenomenon on the Organization

As you can see, not all closures should be seen FJ Lists as negative when analyzing the situation in which they occurred. A worker with poor performance or difficulties with interpersonal. Relationships can have much more disastrous effects if they remain on the team. But, of course, there are negative impacts when a company’s turnover is high, and not just for financial reasons. Some of them are the following. The longer an employee stays in the business. The more they can contribute their knowledge of processes and, of course, share it with their colleagues.

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