Running an online store


At the very beginning, you pay a small ZUS amount of PLN per month. Up to PLN. Per year of sales you do not have to pay VAT. While PIT does not have to be a problem if you fit within the tax-free income. Customer service At first. You’ll probably be doing it on your own. Later, you’ll probably need to hire workers. Remember that the better customer service, the better higher conversion on calling customers due to the possibility of upselling additional elements. In the case of shoes; waterproofing sprays, liners, etc. fewer returns or complaints that will be charged to the company. Higher percentage of returning customers.

Marketing Activities And The Client

Good service is also the basis of positive opinions on the Internet, and in the long run, a large percentage of customers will choose your brand over others with the same range. Remember – customer service is not only a cost, but also a very good nvestment. To sum up The cost of may be very low at the beginning – you whatsapp mobile number list can set up SaaS for PLN , buy a domain for a dozen or so zlotys, fill the store with ready-made integration products in dropshipping, list products on Allegro and sell them. So much in theory. In practice, , other people have already done so, with varying degrees of success.

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Marketing Activities In The Basic Version

In practice – of course, it can be done, but this way is much more bumpy. In order for the shop to actually sell, you need to put extra time into it – prepare descriptions, create content, run a profile in social media, learn how to advertise, etc. etc. Some of these things can, and at some point in the development of the shop, be FJ Lists outsourced internally or externally, but then again – additional costs. Landing page – what is it and how is it used.

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