How to Improve Organic Traffic Growth and Take Your SaaS to the Next Level


SEO for SaaS is a strategy using Content Marketing to drive traffic to a Software as a Service (SaaS) company’s website.

Understanding how search engines and keywords work will help you develop an effective Content Marketing and SEO strategy to drive leads to your SaaS website.

This article will explore why SEO is essential for SaaS.

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What Is the Big Deal About SaaS
Why SaaS Companies Should Invest in SEO
What Makes SEO for SaaS Different
10 Steps to Create a Successful SaaS SEO Campaign
Wrap Up.

Why SaaS Companies Should Invest in SEO

Investing in performance advertising often backfires as SaaS companies burn through investment cash before the business scales.

SEO and Content Marketing don’t require as much investment as performance advertising, so the cost is much lower. However, it takes time and well-thought-out strategies to build successful SEO campaigns.

What Makes SEO for SaaS Different
Retail businesses focus on products and brands to drive traffic to their website. Healthcare companies may Whatsapp Database focus on specific diseases or ailments their patients may encounter. However, SaaS companies that are starting up don’t have a popular brand or product to use to drive traffic to their site.

SaaS businesses must develop keyword strategies that focus on the problems buyers need to solve.

“Generate more leads without advertising” may be a keyword phrase SEO SaaS vendors use to drive traffic to their websites.

These long-tail keywords generate less traffic but are also less competitive. Building a library of these phrases will improve search results in the long run.

10 Steps to Create a Successful SaaS SEO Campaign

Once you set your goals, you need a way to measure results. Key performance indicators are metrics or statistics to measure performance.

Website visitors, search result placements and monthly searches are all great SEO KPIs. These indicators can be measured using any number of free and paid search marketing software.

One of the most important KPIs is to compare how your SEO ranks versus other SaaS competitors.

How does your website rank on Alexa, a website comparison software? How many keywords are ranking in the top 10 on Google compared to your top two or three competitors?

It is helpful to pay attention FJ Lists to growth in addition to raw placements. It is satisfying to watch your rankings improve as you promote your keywords through blogging and social media.

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