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Requests delivery time slot change. And opening the slots, and more. Manually processing these emails is a tiresome activity and is prone to many errors. The need for automation is evident to scale the process, free the employees from monotonous tasks, and to overcome the manual errors. The rpa is in place to process the email and interact with internal systems to perform the tasks. As emails come in different formats, sizes, and nuances, the limitation. Of rpa technology to understand the content. Of the emails is a roadblock. Here is a clear need for a smart solution.

The company leveraged the kore

Platform to build a solution that can intelligently. Read every email, understand that intent. And invoke the rpa bot to perform the desired action. It can even decipher spelling mistakes or mispronunciations. Kore.Ai nlu solution then identifies the intent of the email and checks Poland Business Email List if all the entities are available. If yes, it posts the entity values to rpa to further process the data. Thus, kore.Ai nlu adds intelligence to rpa to achieve true intelligent automation. Email sorter – blog case management. On a typical day, enterprise. Case management systems receive numerous. Requests from the customers or employees within the organization.

B2B Email List

These cases requests are managed

In queues and follow assignment and. Escalation rules to record, track, and resolve the cases. It also includes the ability to create cases either from emails, web forms or manually by internal support teams. Considering the volume and the severity of these cases/requests. It is not a Fjlists great idea to process them manually. Automation tools are efficient here. Yet the push back is this technology to some extent can understand the inputs from web forms. But cannot read or interpret the content from the emails. It must depend on nlp/nlu to understand the context of the email.


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