It also integrates with ACF and Toolset


is one of the best features you can take advantage of. By interacting with email: You can filter subscribers based on their activity or inactivity of your email. With the engagement breakdown, you can send different types of emails based on whether a user is more loyal to your message. Behavior in Automation: When a subscriber clicks a link in a marketing campaign, you can trigger automation, such as sending a specific email or adding a subscriber to a new segment.

The Conditional option will allow you

 By placing triggers on links in emails, you can automatically create new segments. Chain special data Contact Hair drivers can be used in a number of ways to optimize your segmentation, messaging, and even identify where your subscribers are on the customer journey. By Form: You can use the hidden segmentation features on forms, pop-ups, and landing pages to segment subscribers based on the forms that subscribers sign up for.

to show/hide objects according to

 When you know where subscribers are coming from, you can provide specific content based on these channels. By geography and time zone: Segmentation by geolocation( location) and time zone will allow you to send emails at the best time in each market FJ Lists and region. Grouping of segments In addition to each segment type that I show you separately, you are also allowed to combine “ and group segments according to your needs.

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